Photo Workshops in Iceland

We take the word “workshop” seriously. We believe that in addition to being a rewarding experience in a beautiful and remote environment, a photography workshop should be a program which participants leave, having taken a step or two up the creative or technical ladders in the field of photography.

Each workshop is different. Our instructors are different and each group is different. We believe that during a workshop each person is equally important to bring out great group chemistry and contribute to a successful outcome.

We do not present a strict location itinerary as we are hunters for exciting light. To try to be at the right time in the right light as much as possible is the name of our game. 

Tony Sweet – Icelandic Odyssey 10 years of exploration

  • Tony Sweet
  • July 7-15, 2019
  • US $ 10,395

We are very excited to celebrate and to be able to share our 10th year photographing and exploring Iceland.

Every year we have tried to take the workshop to a new level and 2019 will be a special one. For our 10 Anniversary, we will be staying at 3 different parts of the country and working out of each area to get the best images possible of iconic as well as unique, less visited areas.

We will blend together the experience of glacier, ice lagoons and ice on black beach (Jewel beach) with highland desert and tremendous waterfalls in the north. 

We will stay in, Siglufjordur, called the Paris of the North, and explore the Snaefellsnes peninsula with all its exotic locations and amazing iconic scenes.

We will accommodate as often as possible two nights at each hotel, all with private rooms. The maximum number of participants is only 7, so each and everyone gets our full attention.

Chasing the Light in Iceland

  • Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis
  • September 15-22, 2018
  • US $ 9,675

Join the amazing husband and wife team of Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis for the photo- adventure of a lifetime, in the land of fire and ice! Capture the spirit of nature in the awe inspiring intersection of light, land, water, and sky. Iceland is one of the truly uncorrupted environments on the planet, and we will have unprecedented access with our private luxury vehicle, and knowledgable support from Focus on Nature!