Private Guiding

Private Guiding or Administration of Photographic Events in Iceland

Einar Erlendsson

I have years of experience traveling with photographers around Iceland.

When running The Professional Processing Lab in Iceland until late last century, I worked a lot with foreign photographers. That gave me a totally new insight into both my own country and what was intriguing to foreign photographers. Also to understand the different interests and personal needs people have and value how differently people see or look for interesting motives.

When spending valuable time in a foreign country to pursue photography it is very important to be able to make the most of the light, follow it and be at the right place at the right time for good light, as much as that is possible. Sometimes one can add light to fill-in with flash lights, strobes or even the headlamps of a vehicle to play with against the available light.

Timing is very important, knowing how to read the weather forecasts and plan ahed with the light in mind is the key factor to a successful photo-tour.

Also to get to know what personal interests people have. Find out where their interest is, try to understand their previsualisation of good motives and atmosphere is very important. Watch the client work at each location and learn from it.

I only offer the best available service. Arrangement of all local amenities, accommodation, guiding and driving. Or assist in any way to suit the client individual needs. Having the photographic expertise to assist clients technically when needed can sometimes be of use.

Being the CEO of FocusOnNature has been very rewarding for me in many ways. All the local people and contacts I have established pleasant relationship with does help enormeously when staging a photo tour or an event for people.

I often say, that my life would be much more difficult if I did not have so many great friends around in Iceland. All the links, big or small, are important in the making of a successful strong program.

– Einar Erlendsson,
B.Sc. Image Science

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