Register for Tony Sweet – Icelandic Odyssey 10 years of exploration

Tony Sweet – Icelandic Odyssey 10 years of exploration

  • Tony Sweet
  • July 7-15, 2019
  • US $ 10,395

Tony Sweet

This is our 10th anniversary workshop tour. 9. full workshop days, plus arrival and departure dates. We will stay 3 nights in the southeast with ice on lagoons, glaciers, waterfalls and black beaches. Then we will for the first time cross the highland of Iceland to Myvatn in the north during a long day, because we will have so much to shoot. We stay in the Myvatn area for 2 nights and explore geothermal areas, maybe couple of more stunning waterfalls, before we visit Siglufjordur, the Paris of the North. From There we move to Sanaefellsnes with all the picturesque locations where we will stay for 2 nights. 

Arrival is latest Saturday 6. July, the day before the workshop starts and departure is earliest on Tuesday 16. July, the day after the workshop ends. ALL NIGHTS ARE INCLUDED.

This time of year is the best bang for your photographic buck, giving us 20 hrs daylight and 4 hrs of dusk to experience and to capture the incredible and varied Icelandic landscape.

As images and scenes from Iceland appear more and more on social media, in advertising, and in movies, it is obviously a unique, accessible, and highly desirable photo venue. Aside from a few iconic locations, we will be photographing in less visited areas, where we can create images seldom seen. 

This trip of a lifetime is all-inclusive. We can’t wait to return to share this breathtaking location with our clients. Iceland is one of the last uncorrupted landscapes on the planet. From the wonderfully photogenic city of Reykjavik to the incredible, vast and varied landscapes, to the mind-blowing glaciers, awesome waterfalls, geothermal springs, rugged coastlines, turf houses, and fields of lupin. 

Be prepared to be blown away!

Note from Einar:

Flexibility and hunting for exciting light and right timing is the name of the game. And the FocusOnNature team is experts in this. We are hunters for exciting light and good timing, Every minute we focus on maximising our time with a golden blend of field work and personal attention. From arrival to departure you are in the great hands of the FocusOnNature team. We book an early registration for you upon arrival, so even if you arrive very early in the morning the day before the workshop starts, you have your hotel room ready. Early evening before the workshop starts FocusOnNature invites participants to a pre-workshop supper at a nice restaurant in Reykjavik. The night at the end of the workshop is also included. 

What makes a tour with FocusOnNature different:

  • Our numbers are kept to a maximum of 7. This ensures several important things:
  • Every client gets maximum attention in the field and in the vehicle when on the road traveling between venues
  • Every client gets a private room. No double occupancy (except for designated couples).
  • Every client will have access to 220V & wifi on our vehicle, where we will conduct impromptu image critiques and share processing tips.
  • With the logistics FocusOnNature organizes their programs, you get much more effective time to work and learn.

We recommend every participant to have a travel insurance in case anything unforeseen happens. When you click to register you can also read about our cancellation policy before going further.

Register for Tony Sweet – Icelandic Odyssey 10 years of exploration