Register for Tony Sweet – Iceland Aurora Madness – Year-2

Tony Sweet – Iceland Aurora Madness – Year-2

  • Tony Sweet
  • Sept 24 - 30, 2017
  • US $ 7,975 - SOLD OUT

Tony Sweet

But, there is much more to see and photograph in Iceland in the fall. The color is as striking as the best fall color I’ve ever seen in New England. The water is an almost iridescent blue. Snow is just starting to cover the peaks, and the waterfalls are luscious. 

In addition to a few iconic locations, we will be photographing is less visited areas, where we can create images different from the norm.

In our travel vehicle,”The Magic Bus,” we explore areas that are impossible to get to in a standard vehicle. We carry a maximum of 8 people where we have onboard wifi.

If you haven’t seen the Auroras, it will blow your mind! Iceland is one of the greatest photo venues on earth and we look forward to exploring and sharing the vast landscape, glaciers, waterfalls, geothermal areas, picturesque churches, and the incredible Icelandic horses.

Fasten your seat belts!

– Tony Sweet


Note from Einar:

Flexibility and hunting for exciting light and right timing is the name of the game. And the FocusOnNature team is experts in this. We are hunters for exciting light and good timing, Every minute we focus on maximizing our time with a golden blend of field work and personal attention. From arrival to departure you are in the great hands of the FocusOnNature team. We book an early registration for you upon arrival, so even if you arrive very early in the morning the day before the workshop starts, you have your hotel room ready. Early evening before the workshop starts FocusOnNature invites participants to a pre-workshop supper at a nice restaurant in Reykjavik. The night at the end of the workshop is also included. 

What makes a tour with FocusOnNature different:

  • Our numbers are kept to a maximum of 7. This ensures several important things:
  • Every client gets maximum attention in the field and in the vehicle when on the road traveling between venues
  • Every client gets a private room. No double occupancy (except for designated couples).
  • Every client will have access to 220V & wifi on our vehicle, where we will conduct impromptu image critiques and share processing tips.
  • With the logistics FocusOnNature organizes their programs, you get much more effective time to work and learn.

We recommend every participant to have a travel insurance in case anything unforeseen happens. When you click to register you can also read about our cancellation policy before going further.

Register for Tony Sweet – Iceland Aurora Madness – Year-2