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Tony Sweet: An Icelandic Odyssey

  • Tony Sweet
  • June 26 - July 5, 2014
  • US $ 8,445

Tony Sweet

Join us for our fourth year of exploring the vast and cool Icelandic landscape. Small farms, the wonderful Icelandic ponies, friendly people, magnificent water falls, and mind blowing landscapes are some of what is in store for this trip of a lifetime. With the modern “gold rush” to get to Iceland, our tour company, Focus on Nature, still stands alone as the best tour company in Iceland. Einar and his crew leave no detail unaddressed.

The experience of the client is uppermost in the minds of the company and of the instructor (moi!), yet, there is a wonderful spontaneity to follow the incredible and ever changing light in Iceland. Aside from working with you in the field to get your images of a lifetime, there are critique sessions, which includes using various software to optimize your images to give a greater sense of what’s possible in modern digital photography and to expand your creativity. We look forward to sharing this amazing location with our 2014 workshop clients.

What makes a tour with FocusOnNature different:

    • Our numbers are kept to a maximum of 10. This ensures several important things:
    • Every client gets maximum attention in the field and in the vehicle when on the road traveling between venues
    • Every client gets a private room. No double occupancy (except for designated couples).
    • Every client gets a window seat in our vehicle, allowing for maximum comfort during our Icelandic adventure!
    • Every client will have access to 220V & wifi on our vehicle, where we will conduct impromptu image critiques and share processing tips.
    • With the logistics FocusOnNature organize their programs, you get much more effective time to work and learn.

What you will learn:

    • Compelling composition
    • Creative camera movement
    • Extreme long exposures
    • iPhone photography and creative use of Apps
    • Processing workflow and creative use of plugins
    • Panoramic stitching
    • Creative visualization
    • Creative use of textures
    • How to photograph waterfalls and cascades
    • HDR photography
    • And, if we’re lucky, how to photography the Aurora Borealis.

Student Supply List:

    • Bring clothing to range from 40 to 70 degrees. It can be cold in the  mornings and evenings, then warm up during the day, so dress in layers. We will still shoot in light rain, and the ground can be wet in the mornings, so it is advisable to have waterproof shoes and rain gear (pants and jacket), a hat (it gets windy)
    • Lenses ranging from wide angle to telephoto, for example 20mm to 300mm or more, and a tripod
    • A polarizing filter, graduated neutral density filters, and any other filters you may have
    • Your laptop computer with image processing software (such as Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom, etc).
    • Nik plugins, Topaz, Photomatix/HDR Efex Pro, and Alien Skin Snap Art, Bokeh, and Exposure 5. (if not owned, trial downloads are available).

Slide show images: Dimensions: L: 613 × H: 414 pixels, sRGB, Jpeg



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