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Creative Discoveries in Iceland

  • Seán Duggan
  • July 7-15, 2018
  • US $ 9,285

Seán Duggan

Iceland has so much to offer for photographers, and we’ll make the most of  it as we explore this beautiful island during some of the longest days of the year with extended periods of sunrise and sunset that lead to many more hours of the “sweet light” than usual. The excellent guides at Focus on Nature will take care of all the logistics, track the weather and make sure that we’re at the right places at the perfect times so that we can concentrate totally on creative photography.

For this trip we’ll venture into the less touristy areas of the Northwest and the North as we focus our lenses on majestic waterfalls, rocky, mountainous coastlines, dramatic skies, surreal moss-covered lava plains, boiling geothermal pools and geysers, rushing rivers, small picturesque fishing villages, and, of course, those beautiful Icelandic horses.

In the times when we are not out photographing, we’ll improve our photography through critique and review sessions of the images we make during the week, discussing what works and what doesn’t and how we can make better photographs. Our digital darkroom sessions are designed to help you get the most from your images and take your creativity to the next level. Seán will provide demonstrations of how to improve and enhance your photos using techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as mobile photography tips and processing techniques for those who are also making images with their camera phones.

Stepping out of the familiar world of our daily routines and entering a place so completely different and breathtakingly beautiful, can be a deeply significant creative experience for a photographer. That’s what this trip is all about: journeying to a far off, majestic land for the sole purpose of immersing yourself in your photography and seeking out new creative discoveries.

I hope you’ll join me on this great adventure!


What makes a tour with FocusOnNature different:

  • We book an early registration for you, so even if you arrive very early in the morning the day before the workshop starts, you have your hotel room ready.
  • Our numbers are kept to a maximum of 8. This ensures several important things:
  • Every client gets maximum attention in the field and in the vehicle when on the road traveling between venues
  • Every client gets a private room. No double occupancy (except for designated couples).
  • Every client will have access to 220V & wifi on our vehicle, where we will conduct impromptu image critiques and share processing tips.
  • With the logistics FocusOnNature organizes their programs, you get much more effective time to work and learn.


Seán Duggan bio:

Seán Duggan is a fine art photographer, author, and educator. Through his writing and teaching, he has been helping photographers master digital photography and digital darkroom techniques since 1996. He leads workshops and seminars at venues across the country and he has many online courses on digital photography, Photoshop, and mobile photography on LinkedIn Learning/, including the popular series Mobile Photography Weekly. He is the co-author of Photoshop Masking & Compositing, Real World Digital Photography,  and The Creative Digital Darkroom and he writes a regular column for Lightroom magazine.  He also offers personalized consulting and training in the San Francisco Bay Area and northern California, as well as online consulting. His web site can be seen at

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