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Photo Excursion with Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson

  • Ragnar Th Sigurdsson
  • 23. - 28. June, 2013

A personal journey along the west coast of Iceland and on the volcanic Snaefellsnes peninsula.  We will be shooting horses running at the seashore and even in gentle surf, mares with newborn foals, sheep with lambs and birds nesting.  Easy hikes and lots of photographic opportunities, such as vivid bird cliffs, stunning landscapes, lava flows with moss, waterfalls and glaciers.  I will make every day as memorable as I possible can.  Depending on weather and the group, we might spend more time in one place than other. We will improvise as the the tour evolves.  I have many plans and destinations so that I can assess the group and taylor the trip to what I think is good fun, interesting and productive for everyone.

If you are interested in birds, bring your telephoto lenses. In one and the same location we may practice all kind of photography, ranging from wildlife action shoots to long exposure water / sky-sceneries  with 10 stop nd grad filters.  We aim to have a good time and shoot unique pictures.  My task is guiding assistance and, as always, I want to share knowledge and experience to make sure you will leave Iceland with your best imagery possible.

Let’s have a week full of color and joy, exploring photography, landscapes and good life in the mid night sun.

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