Register for Gabriel Biderman – Tim Cooper: Ancient & Abandoned Iceland – The Night sky, Total Lunar Eclipse and Auroras.

Gabriel Biderman – Tim Cooper: Ancient & Abandoned Iceland – The Night sky, Total Lunar Eclipse and Auroras.

  • Gabriel Biderman & Tim Cooper
  • 26. September - 5. October
  • US $ 8,985

Join Gabriel Biderman and Tim Cooper, the authors of the recently published Night Photography – From Snapshots to Great Shots, as they take you on a journey into the ancient land of fire and ice!  We are very excited to explore the beauties of Iceland with you on this 10-day workshop.

The FocusOnNature team is based in Iceland and has been leading elite hands-on workshops for 8 years.   We team up with some of the most creative  photographers and bring you a world class adventure as we uncover the beauties and secrets of our ancient island.  For this particular workshop our focus is on two of the most spectacular regions – Snaefellsnes and Vatnajokull.

This is a special 10 day workshop so that we can really take the time to delve in and uncover the allure of each location.  This is not just a night photography workshop – we will be chasing the light at all times.  Stand atop glaciers for the sunrise, capture and create dramatic shadows during the day, and then once the sun sets we’ll take it up a notch and experiment with star trails, Milky Way, light painting, and finding fantastic foreground for the Auroras.  The last of the “Blood  Moon” lunar eclipses will happen during our workshop – what better place to capture it than Iceland?

After flying in and getting acclimated in Reykjavik we will journey to the center of the earth and live under the shadow of the Snaefellsjokull Volcano for the next four days.  The Snaefellsness region is known as the “Iceland in Miniature” because so many of the national sights – glistening glaciers, breathtaking  fjords, haunting volcanic peaks, and dramatic sea cliffs are located here.  Sprinkled amongst these magnificent sights lie the core-ground of our subject matter – timeless fishing villages, ancient ruins, abandoned farmhouses, and primordial lava beds.

We will then leave the Snaefellsness Peninsula and head south to the Glacier of Lakes regionVatnajokull National Park and the surrounding area offer such spectacular scenery that Game of Thrones and several James Bond films have been shot here.  Get up close to icebergs as they break off  in the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, explore the magical colors of the ice caves, and the fine black sand beaches.  We might even take a slight break at a geothermal pool and shoot the skeletal remains of a desolate airplane along the beach at night.

When we are not shooting in the field we can continue to work on image processing, critiques and have discussions aboard the “Magic Bus”.  We use specialized 4×4 vehicles and highly trained drivers that can take us anywhere at any time.  They have 220V power so it is like a lecture room on wheels, and each participant has two seats, including a window seat.

We are proud to have one of Iceland’s premier photographers – Ragnar Th Sigurdsson  join Tim and Gabe to lead us to the best locations.  Ragnar is well versed in finding and capturing the auroras and his images of  the exotic arctic have been featured in the New York Times, National Geographic, and  Newsweek.

The founder of FocusOnNature, Einar, will be the pilot of the second vehicle, a 4×4 Icelandic converted jeep known as Command Center.  From here Einar can continuously monitor the weather, communicating with his private meteorologist or with locals gathering intel for our next adventure.

This is a workshop of a lifetime – so come get lost in Ancient and Abandoned Iceland with us.


Register for Gabriel Biderman – Tim Cooper: Ancient & Abandoned Iceland – The Night sky, Total Lunar Eclipse and Auroras.