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Chasing the Light in Iceland

  • Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis
  • September 15-22, 2019
  • US $ 9,675

Lee Varis & Bobbi Lane

Iceland is truly the land of fire and ice—one of the reasons it was used for many of the locations in the hit HBO series “The Game of Thrones!” Iceland reaches down into your soul and touches you in a profound and subtle way. There is a quiet drama besides the spectacular glaciers, mountain, and seashore. The soft green cliffs and fields that stretch to the water are speckled with sheep and the multitude of waterfalls adds to the visual delight. This is pristine and primal Earth, fueled by geothermal and absolutely pure water, and is a reminder of the strength and beauty of the planet.

Arrival latest Saturday 14. September, the day before the workshop officially starts and departure is earliest on Monday 23. September, the day after the workshop ends. ALL NIGHTS ARE INCLUDED.

From the moment you arrive in Iceland, your every need is taken care of, all hotels, all travel, all meals, all sundries and snacks—you will be under the guidance of Einar Erlandsson for all things Icelandic, and Bobbi and Lee for all things photographic. After a day in Reykjavik, at our fabulous Grand Reykjavik hotel, we embark on a photo-adventure that takes us to the most spectacular environments on the planet. Iceland is not all glaciers and icebergs—no… Iceland has a varied landscape that includes green-clad mountains with spectacular waterfalls, grazing sheep, and the famous Icelandic ponies. Our mission is to seek out some of the hidden photo-opportunities, that are sometimes only accessible with our luxury, 4-wheel drive, Mercedes van – WiFi equipped. Our amazing guide is the inimitable Einar Erlandsson, an Icelandic native, and fabulous photographer in his own right. Einar has a sixth-sense for knowing where and when to be, and he is intimately familiar with many hidden locations unseen by most visitors to this wondrous island. He also has a wickedly impish sense of humor!

Shot in Reykjavik, , Iceland, during Reykjavik on Sep 02, 2018 by Lee Varis, ©2018


Under the expert guidance of Einar Erlendsson, we will go where the light is, when the moment is best. We will stay at three locations in the southeast, south and west, and venture from those bases each day. The itinerary is dynamically changeable to suit the needs of the group, and the variable weather. Flexibility is the only rule, allowing us to change direction as conditions change, so we can explore glaciers, waterfalls, lava fields, black sand beaches, mountains and canyons, picturesque churches, and incredible Icelandic horses! With any luck, we might get to experience, and photograph auroras!!! We factor in time for critiques, and post-processing instruction, so even on “weather days” you will have plenty to do, and be able to craft your images in ways you’ve never imagined. Bobbi and Lee will be by you side, always ready to help you with any technical or artistic need. Our goal is to get you the best photos of your life, and have an amazing fun time while we’re at it.

One of the big surprises you’ll discover in Iceland is the fantastic food—we’re talking Michelin star quality here! Not just in Reykjavik, but everywhere we stay, you will find the most amazing meals! The lamb and fish, are out of this world. Again, everything is taken care of while you are on tour with us (except any alcohol.) All the hotels we stay at are first-rate, rooms are warm and comfortable with private bathrooms, and amazing restaurants. We are definitely not roughing it here!

After our amazing photo-adventure, we return to Reykjavik for a farewell meal, and recount stories of our fantastic fun time in the land of fire and ice. You will go home with the best photos of your life, and an experience that will enrich your lives in the years to come!

Note from Einar:

Flexibility and hunting for exciting light and right timing is the name of the game. And the FocusOnNature team is experts in this. We are hunters for exciting light and good timing, Every minute we focus on maximising our time with a golden blend of field work and personal attention. From arrival to departure you are in the great hands of the FocusOnNature team. We book an early registration for you upon arrival, so even if you arrive very early in the morning the day before the workshop starts, you have your hotel room ready. Early evening before the workshop starts FocusOnNature invites participants to a pre-workshop supper at a nice restaurant in Reykjavik. The night at the end of the workshop is also included. 

What makes a tour with FocusOnNature different:

  • Our numbers are kept to a maximum of 7. This ensures several important things:
  • Every client gets maximum attention in the field and in the vehicle when on the road traveling between venues
  • Every client gets a private room. No double occupancy (except for designated couples).
  • Every client will have access to 220V & wifi on our vehicle, where we will conduct impromptu image critiques and share processing tips.
  • With the logistics FocusOnNature organizes their programs, you get much more effective time to work and learn.

We recommend every participant to have a travel insurance in case anything unforeseen happens. When you click to register you can also read about our cancellation policy before going further.

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