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Discover Iceland: A Photographer’s Paradise

  • Ben Willmore
  • June 24-30, 2012
  • $6,950

Ben Willmore

Get ready to discover one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Iceland features black sand beaches, waterfalls, geysers, volcanos, geothermal features, glaciers, icebergs, lighthouses, turf houses, storybook horses and interesting architecture, all packed into a country that is 1/95th the size of the United States. Its unspoiled countryside offers breathtaking vistas, dramatic weather and such a diversity of subject matter that after a week’s time, you will feel like you’re just scratching the surface. You’ll see so many waterfalls (including the largest in all of Europe) that they’ll become ubiquitous enough that you might even start to ignore them. This will be Ben’s fifth visit to Iceland in the last seven years.

Ben Willmore’s bio

Ben Willmore has been teaching Photoshop and photography for over 17 years. He has personally taught over 100,000 Photoshop users on five continents and has been inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. He is often a standing-room only speaker at design and photography conferences worldwide. Five and a half years ago, Ben sold his home along with 90% of his personal belongings to start living a life on the road aboard a 40′ motorcoach. This nomadic substrate allows him to capture images in over 20 states per year. You can follow Ben’s adventures at and see his photography at

“Ben understands Photoshop on a genetic level. He grasps the underlying concepts no matter how difficult they seem to the rest of us, then presents them in a clear, understandable and most importably useful way.” -Kevin Ames, Author: Digital Photographers Notebook

“Probably considered the godfather of the HDR movement.. at least in my eyes.. you can learn an AMAZING amount from him.”  -R.C. Concepcion, Author: The HDR Book

“When we get stuck, we call Ben.” -Scott Kelby, Best-selling author, President, National Association of Photoshop Professionals


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