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The Art of iPhone Photography in Iceland

  • Dan Burkholder
  • August 1-7, 2013
  • US $ 7,500

Dan Burkholder

Lurking inside the iPhone is one of the most inspiring, capable and fun imaging systems in all of photography. More than just a snapshot device, the iPhone is a powerful, creative tool for creating art, right in our palms. We now have camera, darkroom, and—as Jerry Uelsmann would say—Visual Research Laboratory, all in our shirt pocket!

Liberated from rushing home to our computers, we can shoot and process our images in the field, learning what works (and doesn’t) to make our captures match our vision. This Iceland workshop combines the latest in image capture and processing with a diet of stunning landscapes and subject matter.

Among Many Topics Dan Will Cover:

  • Experience the joy of traveling light, focusing on image making, not equipment fiddling.
  • Learn combinations of apps that transform your images into fine art.
  • Learn camera capture techniques that are exclusive to iPhone photography.
  • See how true HDR imaging is not only possible but easy with your iPhone.
  • Create an iPhone workflow that takes you from capture to final image, with an emphasis on creating beautifully artistic images.
  • Borders, Grunge, Tone Mapping…learn the best way to do them all.
  • Build your personal “app suite” that gives you all the capture and processing power you need on your iPhone.
  • Get the skinny on which apps are best for contrast, color, sharpening and stylizing your captures.
  • Learn how to stitch together multiple iPhone shots to build panoramas and wide-angle captures.
  • Create spatial vistas unique to the iPhone.
  • Discover iPhone hardware gadgets that you must have!
  • Learn how the iPhone and iPad can work together to form a photographic dynamic duo.

About the Instructor:

Dan Burkholder has a long history of looking beyond the photographic horizon to see, explore, teach and exhibit the next great thing in imaging. His new book, iPhone Artistry (Pixiq Press, 2012), is the universe’s most comprehensive and fun how-to book for iPhone photographers. His poignant monograph, The Color of Loss (University of Texas Press, 2008), intimately documents the flooded interiors of post-Katrina New Orleans and is the first coffee-table book shot entirely using HDR methods. Dan earned his B.A. and Master’s degrees in Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. His platinum/palladium and inkjet prints are included in private and public collections internationally. Dan’s web site is

Dan’s workshops are famous for their energy, information and humor.

Register for The Art of iPhone Photography in Iceland