Photo Excursions

Photo Excursions differ greatly from our “Workshops” program.

Our Photo Excursions are basic photo-tours in Iceland, lead by renown local photographer, who knows the land like the palms of his hands. Time is spent traveling between locations and working in the field. There is no tutoring, lectures or critique sessions during those photo excursions. No instructors clasees in the beginning, during and in the end of those tours. They are planed to cover areas the local photographers knows well and to follow a decided route regardless of the weather.

During photo excursions we put more emphasize to select accommodation with good location in mind rather than the quality of the accommodation. Sometimes we accommodate at a decent hotels and sometimes we accommodate at hotels run as such during the summer, but as schools during the winter.

We bring with us plenty of provisions and select places along the way to stop for food and of course breakfast is always at a good Icelandic standard. We also bring with us a grill to barbecue if the light is great and no practical place for diner in the neighborhood. But we don’t eat at any fancy restaurants while traveling out in the country.

There is one exta night included in the excursion fee, so participants can arrive a day early. We includ accommodation at the Grand Hotel Reykjavik, both before the tour and the last night at the end of it. All food and beverages are included, except alcoholic beverages. We need particapants flight plans both for arrival and departure in due course.

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