Photo Gear Checklist

We have often been asked about what to bring for a FocusOnNature workshop in terms of photographic gear. We expect that our instructors will have individual ideas, and we are quite sure that they are willing to relay to our participants their ideas. So we have here put together our FocusOnNature photo-gear check list for participants.

We think it is good for our workshop participants to be well equipped and to have sturdy bags for all their gear, both when flying over and when stacking gear in the truck during field trips. It is also our experience it is very handy to have some lighter bags, belts or straps to travel light and pack into selected lenses, cards or accessories in the field.

We know by experience that putting lenses in pockets or having them loose has resulted in participants loosing their lenses in rivers, drooping them onto stones or having the surf soaking them with salted water.

We also know from experience that when participants mosey around in the field they will not spend time to run back to the truck for a lens or some small accessory when they might need it, being deeply involved in shooting and using all the time they have. So a system to carry selected equipment from their main gear bag is handy in the field.

B&H List Index


  • Camera bodies
  • Wide angle lenses
  • Medium lenses
  • Long focus lenses
  • Lens extenders
  • Bag for all camera gear
  • Bag for light location traveling with bodies accessories
  • Lens belt
  • Camera straps for ease of changing from one camera to another
  • White balance systems
  • Cloths for drying camera gears
  • Dust cleaning kits
  • Lens cleaning cloths
  • Rain/dust covers for cameras and lenses
  • Graduated filter set
  • Filter holder
  • Adapting rings for filter holder
  • High quality polarizing filter
  • Rain/dust covers for cameras and lenses
  • Hoodmann loop
  • Sturdy but lightweight tripod for Camera-lens combination
  • Cable release
  • Small light to view camera settings in low light and to focus on
  • Charger for batteries
  • Spare batteries
  • European Standard power converters
  • Laptop computer
  • Raw processing software (Lightroom and/or Photoshop)
  • Cards and card wallets
  • Card reader
  • External drives, sturdy for traveling with (for originals and/or backups)
  • USB key to exchange images