Basic Workshop Itinerary

We do not publish detailed itinerary for our workshops. We try to play on the weather and light like a good violinist. We book hotels around the country to cover what we thing is the most interesting parts of Iceland and to minimize driving between places and maximize time for field work. We cover areas within Snaefellsnes in the west to Hofn in the southeast and we try to take field trips of the main road into the highland as much as possible.

The vision of FocusOnNature is that participants can enjoy profoundly a workshop with an instructor they choose in Iceland. The FocusOnNature elite team of locals will do their best for you to get the most out your stay. We believe it is not wise to spend time in rain and wind, with no visibility to take photographs. Of course that can happen. But by using our local knowledge of the weather, wind, cloud and precipitation maps from different Met Offices we can make the most out of your workshop participation time. Sometimes we will stay out for long hours to do field work and sometimes we need to work more indoors, having lectures, discussions and critic sessions.

We meet in Reykjavik and we end in Reykjavik, where the Grand Hotel Reykjavik is our base. We spend the first day getting together at 1 PM Sunday in the Grand Hotel and spend time under the guidance of the Instructor until we mosey to a restaurant in town for an early supper.

The last day we spend also at the Grand Hotel in Reykjavik to work on images and prepare a short presentation of each participants best pickers before we go down town for a nice last supper on Saturday night.

In between participants will get lost in Iceland with their instructor and the elite team of FocusOnNature locals, which have only one aim; “To make your stay as good as it gets”.

General Workshop Details

  • We pick up every workshop participant at his or her arrival to the Leif Eriksson, international airport.
  • We do the same when participants leave. We bring them to the airport for early booking for their departure flights.
  • Workshop prices include single room accommodation, with bathroom, TV and either free Wi-Fi in the room or in the lobby.
  • There are 8 nights accommodation included in the workshop fee and we urge participants to arrive a day early to get over jet lags and neutralize on Icelandic ground.
  • Often instructors run lectures or seminars for the locals on the Saturday before their workshop, which participants are the free to attend if they wish.
  • All food and drinks are included during the 7-day workshop time and breakfast is included with all 8 nights of accommodation. We do not include alcoholic beverages.
  • For alcoholic beverages we like to point out that each person can bring “Duty free” certain amount of alcohol into the country and there is a very good Duty free store at the Leif Eriksson airport in Keflavik.
  • Hotels in the country are usually 3 star hotels. Rooms are clean with private bathroom and breakfast is well acceptable.
  • We spend 5 days and 4 nights in the countryside. We follow the interesting light as much as we can. We try to do longer field stops and dig into locations and minimize 5-10 minutes stops.
  • We include some lectures during the field travel, often on the road or we base them around critic sessions and discussions of participants work at least twice during our field travel.
  • We use our own projector and screen and we try to find a good location at the hotels where we accommodate in the countryside for our critic/discussion sessions.
  • We do not have problems only solutions. Our aim is to work-win and have fun. Not the least that you can look back after you stay with us to good memories and some good “keepers” you are proud of having made.
  • If a participant wants to extend their stay in Reykavik we can arrange for them to have the FocusOnNature discount at the Grand Hotel Reykjavik.
  • We are more than pleased at FocusOnNature to assist you as we can with any pre/post workshop stay and traveling in Iceland.
  • All FocusOnNature local team is dedicated to assist you in any way and to make your stay with us as enjoyable as possible.
  • FocusOnNature will inform all registered participants when a workshop is surely a “GO” and would like to ask enrolled persons not to take actions regarding flight registration until we have confirmed a workshop. We will let you know as soon as possible too; as the times are, we are getting in a lot of late registrations.
  • FocusOnNature is not liable to any financial commitments participants do to a third party, for example airlines. We refer to our Fee + E-Registration link for further information.

In closing, we always look at the bright side of life at FocusOnNature and problems do not exist within our vision, only solutions.