The elite local team – “Raggi”

Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson, photographer is one of the elite links of the Focus on Nature in Iceland local team.

During workshops Ragnar travels with many of our workshop groups in the field, guiding the instructor and assisting them and the participants in any way he can. He is also the local man on the spot when I am taking care of things for the workshops to flow flawless.

Ragnar or “Raggi” as we call him, is an unpredictable person in a very positive way. He has great imagination and is quick thinker to respond to the weather and light regarding locations, which is a very important when trying to follow the exciting light during field work  Raggi has established a great friendship with both instructors and participants of FocusOnNature workshops which says it all.

Raggi has traveled not only over all of Iceland, but also widely over the northern hemisphere, including to the North pole, Northern Canada, Greenland, Siberia and of course across every glacier and most mountains in Iceland. “If it is cold or steaming hot, I am there” Ragnar says. He has also photographed every volcano eruption in Iceland for decades and published numerous books about geology events in Iceland in cooperation with Ari Trausti Gudmundsson, one of Iceland’s best known geophysicist.

Raggi has mastered a broad range of work, including studio advertising photography, illustrations of travel publications, annual reports and covering of official arrangements. He has covered many events arranged by the Export Council of Iceland, the Scientific Council of Iceland and the President of Iceland as well as numerous banks, corporations and institutions. He has provided illustrations for a number of books, calendars and magazines.

Gettyimages, Corbis and numerous other stock agencies around the globe, represent Ragnar´s works. He specializes in photographing nature and travel in the Arctic. Content varies from people, geological formations, volcanoes, geothermal activity, unusual landforms, waterfalls, glaciers, and wildlife. The Northern Lights, are among his favorite subjects as well as glaciers, super jeep tours, and traveling to the hardest place to reach in Iceland

Strobes? Yes. One of Ragnar’s signature styles is using strobe in remote locations, often powered from his ATV. He uses them to mix with available light to get the interesting light in the images he is looking for

Ragnar’s website

This is Iceland today – Cool


At Thingvellir, where the first parleament in Iceland was founded 1000 A.C.

Today sunrise was 11:19AM in Reykhavik, Iceland and sunset will be 3:45PM, so the day is officially 4h 35m 25s, but we have hours of twilight.

In the Reykjavik area the sky is clear and the temperature is 27°F and nearly no wind. I am going out for a walk to refresh some of my gray cells with oxygen

We have had cold winds from the north blowing over the country in December, colder than for years and with more snow. At the same time we get bright days often in the south and basically from dawn to dusk we have twilight. The sun only gets highest within 4° above the horizon.

I traveled with privat client in December and took him where the light and nauture played love with us as photographers. It got pretty cold then or down to 0°F which was fine until we reached windy areas. Then it very cold and we shot mainly through the window of the Ford Ragner Heavy Duty vehicle I was driving, but that had all the heat and comfort we needed.

Have a brilliant day out there in the world.

I am.

– Einar