Einar Erlendsson

How it all began.

When I started running FocusOnNature 2008, it was a 17 years old dream. It started in 1992 when I ran “The Professional Photography Processing lab” in Iceland.

Now and then when we opened up in the morning, there would be some strange foreigners waiting outside. They asked if we could process a roll of film they showed us. It was usually an E-6 film or in rare occasions a C-41 film. We ran both processes with top notch quality control, so we replied positive to their question. The following question was when could they pick it up and our reply was usually in 2-3 hours.

When they cam to pick up their processed film, they would first look at it on the light table in our reception for a good time, via the best Zeiss loop on the market we had there in heavy chain. Then they would ask if they could leave the film and quickly jump to their car. Up on their return they usually brought a plastic bag with hundreds of roles of films for us to process for them. 

My arrangement under those occasions was that they could arrive late afternoon to pick up the first batch, mid morning the next day to pick up the second batch and late afternoon the same day to pick up the third batch, if we needed to divide their processing as such.

My staff always cleared up a table space around one of the build in light-box inside the lab and arrange all their processed films there. When the clients arrived to pick up their films, we offered them to use our good facilities to review their exposures and off course help them selves to a tea or coffee in our staff room. 

Those clients commonly wanted to show me their best exposures and I was equally commonly intrigued by their guest eye when photographing my country. I had a dream!

The dream had developed.

Create uniquely inspiring photography experience where people explore and share their creative passions in the magnificent landscapes of Iceland, combining their expertise and the experience of native Icelandic professional photographers. That dream became a reality 2008 with the first FocusOnNature workshop, instructed by John Paul Caponigro.

FocusOnNature has become much more than I dreamed – it’s become a community. We’ve made so many great friends – our “FocusOnNature Family”. Most of our friends stay in touch regularly; some return year after a year. It’s been an unbelievable adventure – one we’d like to share with you.

So Different

2008 I also started working with Adobe as a partner. Today I am the Adobe Gold Certified and Education Certified reseller for Adobe in Iceland. Further we sell subscription only available on Adobe e-stores in other countries. (Adobe does not run an e-store for Iceland.)

So today, 10 years after starting FocusOnNature, my dream has become my hobby. If that is not a luxury, I don’t know what is.

Each workshop or photo-tour is made unique. We customise it for individual participants/groups, and guided to unique destinations. No two workshop/photo-tour experiences are ever the same. 

Further, with the changing environment in the tourism in Iceland, we do now only do few special tours each year and possible a couple of elite workshops.

As a native Icelander, with a lifelong experience, connection, and commitment to the place and its culture, I rely on working with a team of locals around the country when needed. Sometimes to sail out into the midnight sun, to photograph horses ridden in water or inside if the weather is crazy weather and outdoor photography is difficult. This is just an example how we approach things every moment. Be flexible and think in solutions. Number one is though always to remember the show is for YOU!

Einar Erlendsson, B.Sc. Image Science
Founder of FocusOnNature