A dream becomes an exclusive hobby

My dream about FocusOnNature started 1992, when I was running the “Main Photo Processing LAB” in Iceland. Regularly foreign photographers brought their films to us for processing. We provided them with top notch facilities to view their processed films and they proudly showed me their best images.

It was then I thought maybe I could combine my local knowledge with photography instructors and build a win-win-win program for everyone participating. I had a dream.

Today there are so many adventurists going in my beaten paths, and unfortunately many become their own slaves. Like bus drivers on the road, with limited experience in how to make ends meet. Speeding between iconic locations like buses on schedule, with limited opportunity to make use of exciting light on the way.

I am so lucky that 10 years after I started FocusOnNature and 27 years after I had that dream, it has become my hobby. My main business is representing Adobe in Iceland. Adobe does not have an e-store for Iceland, but that’s where I and my Internet based Adobe Gold Certified Reseller business comes in. We basically run an e-store for all the Adobe market in Iceland. From individual licensing, through education up to business licensing.

So today I only run 2-3 elite workshops each year and few private custom made tours for people who contact me. This allows me to keep the same passion for each tour as I had in the beginning 10 years ago. To love to get lost in Iceland with great people, hunting for exciting light and moments, sharing best possible time together.

FocusOnNature Workshops 2019

There are no problems, only solutions. We don’t worry, we stay happy.

Einar Erlendsson, B.Sc. Imaging Science.