Iceland is Cool!

Tony Sweet

Tony Sweet

Iceland is cool….really cool! In fact, Iceland is our absolute favorite photography venue, and we go to many very cool places! First off, the people are great: smart, instantly multi-lingual, gentle sense of humor, and really fun! In fact, one of our favorite Thai restaurants in right on Reykjavik’s rainbow row!

Upon leaving Reykjavik, the landscape gets more and more interesting: patterns, myriad waterfalls, other worldly feel, glacial lagoons, huge ice blocks sculpted by the ocean washed up on black sand beaches. Aside from the incredible color photography, there is ample room for B&W interpretations, which can actually capture more of the austere feel of this wonderfully photogenic Island.

We will be working out of several strategically placed hotels throughout the country making the most of the incredible photo ops that are readily available. Our vehicle will have on board wifi, and each person will have two seats for maximum comfort!

We just booked our flight and are very excited to work with Einar and the Focus on Nature team to get you to the best places in the best conditions to capture the unimaginable Icelandic landscape. Of course, there will be help in the field available and a critique session or two!

– Tony Sweet

One can see clearly that Tony Sweet is a musician and even further I can see his background in music is jazz. That’s why Tony is so open minded to take many of his images and give them their own jazz solo look. That’s why I love working with Tony and running his workshops in Iceland with FocusOnNature. With Tony Sweet we don’t just get outside the box, we throw it away when we can. Now we are adding Ragnar Th Sigurdsson at and we have an explosive creative team; an imaging jazz band.

– Einar Erlendsson

Tony’s Iceland workshop,  An Icelandic Odyssey,  June 26. to July 5.  Two seats available

The secret is out. By Layne Kennedy.

Photographer-Layne Kennedy copy-2Well, the secret is out. The cat’s outta the bag. The parking meter is free. Dadburnit, people have found Iceland. And, forced sharing reminds me of kindergarden. But, rest assured there’s plenty to go around for the creative spirit.

This rings true especially for photographers and artists. Those savvy shooters living in latitudes inches above the boreal forest, have long known about Iceland’s secrets. It is a wondrous destination. A land alive in both past and present. It’s raw features can be challenging even to the most experienced photographer. Yet make no mistake, when Iceland’s light awakens it takes your breath away.

The attraction to Iceland is obvious. Its open landscape sprinkled with colorful mosses, immature mountain peaks, dramatic glaciers and iceberg filled lagoons, provide and exhausting array of visual choices. And, every photographer sees something a little different. It might all day to go ten kilometers when the light is cooking. When you lose track of time, and lunch, you are having a good day in the field!

Iceland is a gem for every kind of photographer. Editorial photographers like to tell stories with their images. Finding the indelible moment in one frame is lustful, but uncommon. Editorial shooters see the world by piecing visual ideas together. They connect the dots by working from the fringes to the center. More often than not, they see a world that includes people in their landscapes. Documenting how humans interact with the land tends to speak with more volume than a beautiful landscape standing alone. Their approach to coverage is not random. They dissect a theme, filling it with imagery that supports the concept. This usually constitutes perspectives from far away, more intimate and filled with details. Images you can touch.

Those photographers seeking a spiritual relationship with the land and their lenses will never be disappointed in Iceland. Even under the most raw presentations, Iceland speaks. I have always referred to Iceland as LITTLE BIG LAND. By this, I mean that every 50 kilometers or so, the land changes dramatically. One hour you are engaged in a tiny blueberry patch losing yourself in the sweetest blueberries on the globe, and you round the corner to witness a volcanic field with moss so brilliant you think it will glow in the dark. And, often in a scale that rivals the Grand Canyon in the United States. It boggles the mind to realize this tiny island in the North Atlantic is so diverse in its landscape and coastal plains. Iceland reminds me a lot of the Galapagos Islands in that respect. Constantly different every step you take. The visual stimulus at times overwhelming, but rewarding. There are times in Iceland, when you release the shutter, you know you have created something meaningful.

Iceland is a place to throw yourself into the wind. Allowing yourself to connect with the landscape, people, and the natural weather conditions will fill your visual coiffeurs for years to come. People often ask me about Iceland. “What’s the best thing about Iceland, they ask?”

“Going back, I tell them.”

My place in the photographic world has always been a hybrid of fine art and editorial. While I make my living as an editorial photographer, I’ve learned to slow down and listen the messages ( a great Minor White quote) when time allows…… like on a workshop. I’ve never shy’d away from experimenting, as I adore all things photographic. I shoot by instinct and worry about stuff later. One of the best things about doing workshops with Focus On Nature is that is how this tour is designed. Einar and Ragnar are ahead of us in a support vehicle. They communicate with me about what places we want to get to, scout it in advance to be sure our all terrain bus will get us there. We look at light, weather and determine where to be when its best to be there. We don’t spend time sitting in Cafe’s or waiting in line to get lunch. They bring it to us so our time in the field is maximized. We’ll get twenty percent more shooting time with FON than anyone else. Its about exploring. Generating visual discoveries that release your interpretations as well as holding field discussions that just might open the doors to new ones.

Come to Iceland with us. Find your visual voice. Einar, Ragnar and myself are there to push and engage you in a very special environment. Your connection to Iceland will be unlike anything you have experienced before. You all know that old saying, “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.” Well, with your camera, your time, and your intuitions, you will bring home a piece of Iceland.

Few spots available. Read more and continue to sign up if you want to join Layne with FocusOnNature in Iceland when the light is beautiful, 28. August – 6. September, 2014

Light over Iceland at 66º North with Layne Kennedy


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