Playing with Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta

Today I decided to take a break and play.

Music during image processing: “Riding with the King”, an album with B.B. King & Eric Clapton.

I have spent since last December working on the upgrading of my website, both for my international workshops program and my local seminars, lectures and event program. I hope those who remember my old website notice the difference from my printed like one fixed template on the old web and the new multi-functional website. Anyway, it was time to get a bit careless and play during part of a day.

I have used Adobe Lightroom since the first version and included seminars on it in my program for the local market in Iceland for few years. So studying any new developments of the software is always high on my list. But during a part of a day one can just play a little.

Following is a straight Raw image shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and exposed to give me good information in the Raw file. I overexposed the frame as the subject was bright and flat. I could see on my camera histogram how far I could overexpose without losing any clippings of the highlights.

Sailing on a Zodiac and turning in all directions I wanted to be safe with my exposures, but still use the highlights part of the histogram as much as possible to gather maximum information in the Raw file. Afterwards I could possibly have overexposed 1/3 or 1/2 stop more, but the exposure is still good.

Before any processing

Iceberg original

Original unprocessed Raw file exported from Lightroom 4 Beta as Jpeg, sRGB and scaled down 

Histogram original iceberg

The histogram for the unprocessed file in Lightroom 4 Beta.


After processing

Iceberg LR4 processed

After procession in Lightroom 4 Beta, exported and rendered in Adobe Camera Raw 7, saved as Jpeg, sRGB and scaled down

Histogram processed iceberg

The histogram for the processed file in Lightroom 4 Beta

It will always be individual preferences and matter of taste what is good image processing, realistic one or something exaggerated like the image above. It is also the question of the final use.

I opted this time for the exaggerated version as outdoor in Iceland, things have been gray for weeks. Therefor I wanted some color and contrast in this image.  “Juice” the image up and see what information the original file did have for me to pul out and play with in Lightrom 4 Beta.

And under the influence of the blues from B.B. King & Eric Clapton in the speakers doing this in Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta was so easy, the feeling from their music going through my head to my fingertips with the Wacom pen, where most things I do on my computer happen.

What makes me so pleased is that I can now with Adobe Lightroom 4 process images with the quality the Raw image theory has been telling me up to now in numbers like bit depth and ProPhoto color-space.

I am looking forward to the final version of Adobe Lightroom 4 and the new Adobe Photoshop 6, which will be running the same ACR engine for image rendering of raw image files.

Adobe Lightroom 4 is expected to be released during the summer.

– Einar

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Software for Mac & Windows

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera (Body Only)

What do you do in Iceland when life is easy and daylight is short?

Don’t do nothing they say.

Well I can’t do nothing. Thats just impossible for me. I have to keep busy. Sometimes I think I am the busiest person in Iceland. That tells me life is as good as it gets.

In my field evolving around international or local photography workshops, seminars, lectures, consultation or just plain assignments in the digital imaging field, there is very little happening in December and January.

But then I get so busy, studying software, digital image techniques, image processing and of course on top of that making a NEW WEBSITE for FocusOnNature in Iceland. I will of course do it myself. What could be easier. WordPress looks great. Order books and start reading them and information on the web about it. MailChimp looks fantastic for posting. Study that.  So I basically jump flat bellied into the deep end of the pool. At the bottom of the deep end of the pool I realize this is not as easy as I thought. Oh no. I need help, NOW.

Okay. I make a list of 20 people or services that look like being able to help me from drowning in making a new website. I sleep on it. I study the 20 options. I get some feeling. I sleep more on it. I look at the options again. I have the same feeling. Out of the list of 20 web development services there is this ONE sticking out. XLD Studios – Erik Bernskiold. He just stands out from the 19 other choices I listed. This guy is getting to me. Something about his professional presence on the web.

Erik Bernskiold

My choice of service and contract with Erik Bernskiold – XLD Studios is once again a proof of being positive makes good things happen. I could not imagine how professional Erik worked and how great our co-operation could be making the new FocusOnNature in Iceland website. Erik, thanks for pulling me out of the pool. It was a great enjoyable swim.

Just think about it, when you see the web developing and you like what you see, you start thinking how will you maintain it. Should I know how to do this or that. Oh no. Next email form Erik includes videos how to teach you to do this and do that. Just short videos and you can watch them anytime to refresh on how to do this or do that before it gets through your thick skull.

Of course I pay Erik for his work. We made a contract and thats all fine. But I would not have dream about that I would be working on the professional level Erik does and how we got things done so brilliantly well from start to launching the website on new servers in the US, with all links to my previous website routed perfectly.

XLD Studio Logo

XLD Studios