The elite local team – “Siggi”

Sigurdur Einarsson, driver

During the last three years, Sigurdur Einarsson, Siggi as everyone calls him, has been without exception the driver of our workshop vehicle.

We use excellent vehicles for all terrain travelling during our workshops from Gray Line in Iceland. Most commonly we us a truck originally build by the well know German company MAN. The MAN is a 4×4 truck with both front and rear axel air locks and a great transmission. If we need to go over rough terrain the tires can be deflate to make the truck softer and then air pumped into them again with a built in pump.  We usually have few seats removed and use only 18 seats for our workshop tours. Both to make plenty of space for gear at the back as well as we have specially made boxes for tripods and gear bags, plus provisions at the front. So it is very easy to grab the immediate gear during field stops on the way out of the truck.

But there is no vehicle better than its driver and then I like to introduce to you the one and only Siggi, our great driver who drives our workshops groups safely between places, up steep hills, around bends, down slopes, across rivers, across deserts and between narrow cliffs.

Siggi is an excellent driver, but that is only one of his qualities. He is not the least always ready to assist and his concern for the wellbeing and the safety of his passengers is one of a kind. I sometimes arrive late to a field locations, as I have been busy with some admin work. Then I can usually just ask Siggi where people are and he will point out to me where each person is located. Siggi is continuously looking after individual passengers well being.

Siggi is also our helping hand when we make sandwiches on location; grill lobster, lamb or something we have picked up fresh from farmers. Or when we for example slice smoked artic char and put on rye bread or prepare some nourishment for coffee break during location stops. Finally Siggi wants to keep his vehicle clean. When we come late to our hotel and leave early next morning, we do not easily realize that Siggi has washed the car and cleaned it indoors and spread garbage bags around for people to use.

Siggi has traveled all over Iceland. As a young boy he traveled around the country with his parents and later with his wife and their children. He has also climbed many of the highest mountains in Iceland. Finally to top everything, Siggi usually bicycles to work nearly all year around. That is what I call being a hero taking into account the often cold, wet and windy weather we have during the winter.

Siggi says that the best thing about his work as a driver is making good friends. And he has got many friends. I can count many within our FocusOnNature family who are good friends of Siggi and keep in touch with him after participating in a workshop with us.