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Not your standard workshop in Iceland

  • Zack Arias
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Zack Arias

Zack will be leading you through the process of working with everything from available light, small flashes, and larger strobes for indoor and location portraiture. We will start our class the first few days centered in Reykjavik and then move out into other parts of the country as we search for portraits in Iceland. The days will be long. The locations will be unbelievable. It will be one of the most unique photography experiences you’ll have. Zack is brings levity and humor to all he does but he takes this very seriously. You’ll get real world feedback and teaching from a real world working photographer.

Zack Arias bio

Zack Arias is an editorial portrait photographer who has experienced massive failures in his career. After making a number of mistakes that inevitably left him walking away from photography for a few years, Arias returned to the photo industry in 2003 with a fresh perspective and a new philosophy.   “I lost it all. I knew about apertures and shutter speeds and lighting ratios but I didn’t know how to pull the best portrait out of my subjects. I didn’t know how to forget about the technical and concentrate on the person in front of me. I also thought that gear mattered and I was constantly chasing that new lens or light or softbox. I chased that gear with credit cards and ended up losing my career, my gear, and eventually my marriage. I was a miserable wreck of a photographer ten years ago.”

Zack had the chance to return to the photography industry through the help of a friend who hired him to shoot weddings. As he began to rebuild his career, and his life, Zack took a new approach to his photography. He only bought what he could afford, the importance of being a father became more important than being a photographer, and he concentrated on the craft of photography instead of the gear, the fame, the fortune, or whatever other myths that he once thought he could have.  His simplistic approach to the craft along with his constant desire to help others led to his development of the wildly popular OneLight workshop.

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