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Efficient Publishing For Web & Media Professionals

  • Erik Bernskiöld
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Grand Hotel Reykjavik, 20. apríl,  kl 09:00-17:00

As a creative professional you need to master many skills. In our day to day work it can be hard to find the time to keep up with the latest practices and techniques and the state of the art features in the newest applications.

In this full day seminar, web designer, developer and Adobe educator Erik Bernskiöld will be showing you a wide variety of the latest and greatest mixed in with useful, tried and tested methods that may not be the latest, but certainly the greatest.

Here are some examples of what we will be covering during this all day workshop:

  • Tips & Tricks in Photoshop for Web Designers. How big is the possibility that you will know all of the little tips and tricks that help you more faster and more efficient in Photoshop? It’s a sure bet that you will pick up new techniques here to take into your workflow.
  • How to create modern and stylish design assets. There are design trends that you just need to know about when designing for the web today.
  • Responsive Web Design: What? How? We will be exploring the benefits of responsive design and talk about challenges in implementation from both a designer and coder perspective as well as sharing some solutions of how we might best go forward with responsive design.
  • WordPress, Drupal and more. How content management systems can benefit us both from a designer/developer perspective as well as from the client perspective and end-user experience. Solutions to problems that content management systems bring compared to static HTML sites.
  • Going Cross-media. Taking a brief look at the Digital Publishing Suite and what is possible in cross-media from web through new media publishing on tablets.

The above points are just samples of the workshop filled with must-have knowledge for any web professional. Whether you are strictly a designer or a hardcore coder, you will learn tons during this workshop.

Why not join Erik in this opportunity to learn the latest and greatest in the design industry today.

This workshop will be given in English.

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Need to convince your boss?

After this day, you will bring back a lot of useful things that you can use in your daily work. As a designer, not only do you learn tips and tricks to work faster and more efficient in Photoshop but you also gain understanding of issues that developers have, making you work better together. Developers will of course get the same understanding of how designers must work with the added benefit of learning a bit more design to be able to do more quality graphics work when required.

For both designers and developers, you will also sharpen your skills in addition to gaining knowledge and insight.


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 About Erik Bernskiöld

Erik Bernskiöld is a web design professional with a big passion for technology and media, who utilizes his experience with the web, technology and media to both create successful websites for his clients as well as teach software applications and web design to a global audience.In addition to education, Erik helps businesses grasp the web and new media climate through consultation.

Erik is the owner and founder of media training and consultation company Bernskiold Media, providing education primarily in Adobe software and web design through websites, podcasts and training events both through online webinars as well as local seminars.

In addition, Erik is owner and head-designer of XLD Studios, a web design studio specializing in WordPress, giving customers a tailored website for their specific needs. XLD Studios also produces courses in WordPress for any website owner to attend and works with businesses to educate their staff by creating custom curriculums.

Erik is a frequent speaker on web/media, productivity and how to build a business as a young entrepreneur. For more information about his speaking portfolio, please visit the speaker information page, or get in touch with him below.

You can follow Erik on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

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