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Fine Art Nude Photography In Iceland

  • Allen Birnbach
  • July 8-12, 2013
  • US $ 7,275

Allen Birnbach

The human figure has long been a favorite subject of artists in every medium, including photography.  The elements of form, gesture, line, texture, as well as the play of light and shadow and artistic intention all play vital roles in creating successful figure studies.  By placing the human figure into a unique and inspiring landscape, we open up countless new opportunities for exploring these elements, and I’ve not experienced a better place to do that than in Iceland.

This island has all but one ecosystem on the planet, and a primal quality that is unrivaled in all my travels.  Add to that the amazing knowledge the Focus on Nature guides have in finding locations others could never access, and the experience is unparalleled. Each time a trip to Iceland comes to an end, I have a hard time getting back on the plane because it has strong a strong pull, and past workshop participants express the same feeling.

This year, we are raising the ante, making the experience even better in three key areas.  First, we’ve designed the course to have a smaller number of participants so you have more one-on-one instruction.  More help in the field, more help with post-production.  Second, we’ve lowered the ratio of photographers to models to just 2:1. And finally, we’ve budgeted to bring in all of our dancers from Europe to insure the highest quality of talent possible.  These people are gifted professionals and you will be amazed by the tremendous focus, athleticism and heart that they bring to the creative process.  One past participant said working with them was like “shooting fish in a barrel.”

Developing a personal vision and point of view is a key goal of this workshop, so we start with lecture and slide show about the history of fine art nude photography, as well as a review of each participant’s work.  We’ll talk about pre-visualization, how to identify locations that will serve your artistic goals, and the many ways to incorporate the figure into that landscape.  Equally important, we’ll make sure you have a solid understanding of the best camera settings and shooting techniques so you come away with perfect exposures every time.

In daily field sessions, you’ll learn how to work with models in a professional manner and to create an environment of trust and collaboration. You’ll also learn how to establish a rhythm to the shoot that encourages artistic feedback and active participation from the model.  And you’ll learn how to see light and use it to best advantage in photographing the human body.

Our informal classroom time is devoted to discussions, critiques of the previous day’s images, and one-on-one reviews.  Plus, we also cover digital workflow and post processing options from black and white conversions to HDR so your final photograph is the ultimate expression of your pre-visualized one.

The hallmark of my teaching is that I do not shoot for myself during the workshop. Rather, I only bring a camera to make quick sketches that may suggest a different lens choice, camera angle or position to a participant.  My focus is completely on you, the student.  Just look at the testimonials on my website, http://www.nudephotoworkshops to see how past participants respond to this approach.

It is not possible for me to overstate the enthusiasm I have for Iceland as the perfect place to photograph the human figure.  Join us!

Please note:  Allen is available for private mentorships before or after the workshop.  For more information contact

Register for Fine Art Nude Photography In Iceland