Transportation and Vehicles

FocusOnNature is pleased to announce that for its workshop program it has now a partnership with Iceland Excursions – Gray Line in Iceland, for supplying all vehicles and highly qualified drivers.

We are not easy to serve as we like to be around at odd hours, but Iceland Excursions understand our needs and our cooperation with the company is a great asset to FocusOnNature. The Iceland Excursions drivers are not only highly skilled and put the safety of passengers in the first seat, but they also like to serve and are briefed about our odd needs. They are part of the professional FocusOnNature team, which will do it’s best to serve all participants to their best capabilities.

MAN 4x4 Mountain Truck

MAN 4×4 mountain truck

This truck can take up to 23 passengers in seats, but we only use it for up to maximum number of 18 persons, to have ample space for the gear we travel around with.

Extras:┬áSeat belts, DVD – Player, Television, Leaning seats.

Mercedes Benz Mantra 4x4

M. Benz Mantra 4×4

This truck can take up to 16 passengers in seats. We only use it for workshop with 8 – 10 passwngers, to have ample space for the gear we travel around with.

Extras:┬áSeat belts, Footrests, Leaning seats, Television, DVD – Player

Specially Converted Mountain Jeep

Specially Converted Mountain Jeeps

We use specially converted mountain jeeps for special workshops, when that is announced in our workshop description. Those are vehicles we need when going inland and driving in snow or up on glaciers. We usually arrange for them to meet us at specific locations when needed, but use the trucks above as our main vehicles. The jeeps are equipped with tires that can be deflated to drive on snow, air pumps to inflate them, locked drives, GPS and all communication systems.

We are just including here below some images showing you examples of those jeeps. The list of all the extras they include is to long to include here.