Visit Iceland And Learn From The World's Best Photographers

Your Vision. Your Experience. Your Images.

These are the priorities for us, as we design and customize each FocusOnNature Photography Program.  Our goal is to partner with you in every way, as you explore the extraordinary intricacies of Iceland through your lens.

Led by a carefully selected team of world-renowned photographers and local Iceland experts, FocusOnNature expeditions take you on a journey that highlights all the beauty Iceland has to offer, and provide you with new opportunities to learn and grow as a photographic artist.  You will have unbelievable access to the magnificent and diverse landscapes of Iceland, and will dive into aspects of its unique culture.

Whether you choose a Workshop, an Excursion, or a Private Tour, photography experts will be there to enhance a successful and satisfying photography experience. Our teams are constantly monitoring weather and lighting conditions, in order to seamlessly adjust the itinerary to make the most of your time within the astounding settings of Iceland. Special care is taken with each detail, to ensure that every aspect of your trip is comfortable, safe, productive and thoroughly enjoyable.

Every one of your images tells a story. FocusOnNature is dedicated to helping you capture your stories of Iceland.

“ I spent a week with Einar, Tony Sweet and the crew from Focus On Nature in 2012.  Einar is passionate about sharing the beauty of Iceland, and he goes out of his way to serve your every need.  He hires the best instructors, the best guides and the best driver!  Einar tells you upon […]

- Don Rosinberger, photographerMore testimonials »

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Photo Excursions
Private Guiding

Our programs are of the finest quality, and for anyone who has a desire to pursue their passion for photography. Our clients range from total beginners to internationally respected photographers (and everything in between).  At the heart of everyone’s time spent with us, is a true passion for photography.

FocusOnNature is and ALL INCLUSIVE elite workshop program in Iceland, where participants come first.